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Aqua, Aqua Everywhere!

This has to be one of the coldest winters for an extended period of time in the Texas panhandle this year.  Usually we have the extreme cold snaps and get to 15 degrees or lower  with the winds making the wind chills much colder for a few days.  Then we could be back into the 50’s or 60’s for a while during the months of Jan and Feb.  This year it seems like we just hardly ever made it over 40 degrees for the high every day.  And while we had some good snows early on, it has been extremely dry the last two months.  Everyone’s skin and eyes are just completely dried out.  So that makes contact lens wearers just miserable when the humidity is at 10% or lower, combined with heaters constantly blowing.

There is a new selection of daily disposables we have just received from Cibavision that may be the answer to your dryness problems.  If you are currently in a 2 week or monthly replacement lens that you have to disinfect nightly with a multi-purpose solution, those solutions tend to make the contacts feel even drier.  One option is to try a daily disposable lens.  Put a fresh lens in the eyes in the morning, take it out and throw it away that night.  No solutions, no mess, no irritation, less dryness.  They don’t cost that much more either because you don’t have to buy any contact lens solutions throughout the year to soak and clean your contacts in.

The new Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus lenses have a new technology that allows moisture to be released throughout the day to improve the comfort of the lens.


The moisturizing agents in DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses are gradually released over a 20-hour period, providing blink-activated moisture that lasts throughout the day.





Moisture Release for Exceptional Compliance


Blink-activated moisturizing agents are released with every blink,  providing outstanding comfort until the end of the day.

Ideal candidates for dailies are those that have a lot of allergies and sensitivity to contact solutions, those that work outside, athletes, and those people who want an affordable part-time contact lens wear option.
There are Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus in prescription for those with astigmatism and a bifocal lens as well.
When you come in for a contact lens examination, we can have you try some demonstration lenses in your prescription to see if the lenses are comfortable and are clear.  Test drive them for a week at home and at work to see if you like them at no obligation!  If you are tired of dry, dirty contacts all the time, maybe it’s time to think of Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus with blink technology!

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